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Operation BufferZone?

December 12, 2010 3 comments

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I would ask something of you. I would ask that you join with Anonymous in fighting the companies, industries, and individuals that would like to control the information available to you. That IS what the Anonymous attacks are all about. There really IS a concerted effort taking place to censor the Internet, and decide what YOU are allowed to know and experience. How does that make you feel? Personally, it makes me retch.

I understand the fear you may have in opening your computer to being part of the (DDoS attack). It is an understandable fear. I get it. However, there are other ways that you can participate in this fight without relinquishing control of your computer. This is a fight that concerns you, as both a consumer, and a self-determining individual. The world, since the inception of the Internet, has become a much larger one for all of us. Would you stand aside and let a small group of men, women, and inhuman corporations dictate to you how much of that world you are allowed to experience? I would think not; and, rest assured that their intentions are to do exactly that.

“We’ve got to disconnect the American Internet from all traffic coming in from this country.” – Joe Lieberman

Senator Lieberman then went on to cite China as an example of this procedure already being in practice. Do we want America to follow in the foot-steps of China?

In a statement about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Sarah Palin had this to say,

“He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands. His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders?”

In Palin’s mind information appears to be dangerous. Would she have us begin rounding-up librarians next? Yes, she probably would. Especially if those librarians were promoting information that exposes the full-truth, and not the shadow of truth that the “establishment” likes to perpetuate. A perfect example of this shadow truth is the blatant lie, being stated by every American news company, that Anonymous is composed of “1000 members world-wide”. The real truth is that Anonymous is 9000 strong, and with the rapid increase in downloads of the XerXes software (the DDoS attacker), and Anonymous Friend (IP blocker), there is a clear indication that their numbers are expanding at an exponential rate.

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Amazon have all either blocked accounts of Julian Assange, or canceled accounts pertaining to WikiLeaks. This is an absurdity, since they continue to let websites supporting the KKK still link with them. That’s right folks! If they have their way, you will not be able to learn the truth about your government’s actions, but, you can still donate to a racist organization. Funny. I thought transparency of government was required within the U.S. Constitution, and that discrimination was against the law. Apparently not where the Internet is concerned, or through the eyes of Visa or MasterCard.

The method I would suggest, if you choose not to be part of the front-line of attack, would be to USE YOUR VOICE, and indicate your support for Anonymous. The following is a list of companies, or individuals, with links to their Facebook accounts, that have supported the closure of WikiLeaks, and are lobbying heavily for Internet censorship:

Now is the time for you to speak out, as loud as you can, against these machiavellian would be deciders of your information. Here’s how you can use your voice as an effective weapon:

1) Email or call your Representative and Senators and let them know that you want an OPEN and UNCONTROLLED/MANIPULATED INTERNET

2) Use your existing social networking sites to locate the business pages for these individuals and companies and FLAG THEM as “Abusive”, “Spam” and then “Block” them. I reported the business pages as “Spam or Scam”, and the individual’s pages as “Hate Speech” targeting “Me or a friend”.

3) Create new pages on your social networking sites just so you can block these information controllers. This would be the most time consuming activation of your voice of them all, but, it will be very effective, especially if you use Anonymous Friend to block your IP first, so that the webmaster does not know you are effectively spamming your dislike.

4) Tell your friends to do the same. Use your Internet to spread the word. Use your phone to spread the word. Get everyone you know on-board, and we can reassert our right to learn.

If we stand together now, we can win this war before the fight becomes more difficult!


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This fascinating intersection…

December 12, 2010 1 comment

Okay, so this is how I see it.

Almost unnoticed there is an emerging consensus between otherwise irreconcilable groups over their attitudes toward Washington. It would be too much to say this consensus is intentional, let alone acknowledged or conscious — it is some sort of quasi-consensus; apparent only in the overwhelming rejection of the Obama-GOP tax deal as well as the outpouring of support for, and defense of, Wikileaks.

Mind you, I am not prophesying the dawn of the millennium here. There isn’t a single positive statement both the far Right and the far Left can agree on. For the Right, it is all about Patriotism, Property, Sound Money and the Constitution; while the Left champions One World, Hostility to Property, Equality and Social Justice. Even on a good day, you couldn’t get the two sides to agree on what to have for lunch.

And, that is the point: There is a convergence happening despite the gulf in world views.

Let me be extremely cautious here; I don’t want to blow this convergence out of proportion. The Libertarians will never agree with the Socialists on the need to abolish private property. And, the Socialists will never agree with the Libertarians on the fundamental necessity of unfettered capitalism. will not be publishing excerpts from Karl Marx (except to debunk them) any time in the near future — say, until the Sun goes nova.

Still, the followers of Ron Paul and the followers of Karl Marx have been expressing an identity of interest these days on, at least, the following issues:

  • End imperial adventures abroad
  • End the suppression of dissent and attempts to regulate private individuals
  • End the Federal Reserve and the domination of banker cartel
  • End the politics of compromise and backroom deals
  • End the lobbying and corruption of public life by special interests
  • End the bailouts and life support for the banks

And, there may be a reaction to it — a pullback from association between the sides generated by a genuine horror of this prospective practical convergence. Since, at root, there is nothing in common between them in terms of a positive vision of the future, both sides are subject to manipulation and the deliberate introduction of sophisticated well-crafted wedge issues of no real significance to keep the sides at each others’ throat.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Like anyone believes it to be a matter of principle that openly gay soldiers get the opportunity to kill Afghanistan villagers beside their straight counterparts.

Anti-immigrant legislation? Like the pivotal economic issue of our time is who picks lettuce in California, cleans windows in Massachusetts or processes chicken for Perdue on the DelMarVa peninsula.

You can expect distractions like these to increase as it becomes clearer there is only one real target in this crisis: the Washington-Wall Street Axis.

Addendum: For those who are interested, this is a short history on the use of wedge issues. They seem to be pretty effective because the Washington-Wall Street Axis take a known interest of some section of the population — abortion, immigration, gay rights — which they know will divide Left and Right into opposing camps and hype this issue into national prominence in a coordinated media campaign.

After asking yourself which side you are on, the best defense against a wedge issue is to ask: “Who does this issue put on the other side and how does it distract me from the real enemy?”

Updated list of Wikileaks mirrors

December 12, 2010 1 comment
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Another corporate effort to crush Wikileaks…

December 12, 2010 1 comment

The effort to crush Wikileaks is forcing the empire to engage in increasingly heavy-handed control of access to the internet itself. Verizon — with what is probably the biggest internet footprint –has now joined in the effort. If the cables themselves have shown the deception and division among world powers, the attempt to suppress those cables show the collusion between these same states and between them and corporation.


Thursday evening Verizon pulled a dirty trick by silently blocking most all know IP addresses used by IRC, web and other server operated for Operation Payback. This move was made without notice to Verizon’s customers and without the ability to opt out of the blocking. It is unclear as to Verizon’s motivation for this censorship of the internet. One can speculate that they don’t want their FiOS service making the news as the straw that broke the camel’s back for the next web server to be hit by Anonymous. I suppose if you asked an executive they would spit out some BS about protecting the internet. Protecting us from what?!

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Is this a US shopping list for other nations’ resources?

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

An interesting post on Operation Leakspin of a series of cables in the latest Wikileaks dump:

“Wish List for Terrorists” or “Covet thy Neighbor” · 10 December 2010

US State Department cables release by Wikileaks contained information being described as a “Wish List” for terrorist targets.


The cable is based on Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 (HSPD 7), which uses the statues of the USA Patriot Act of 2001 (42 U.S.C. 5195(e)), and Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C. 101(9)) to define both “Critical Infrastructure” and “Key Resources”.

Many media outlets and blogs had report this cable release as providing a “wish list” for terrorists.

See sourcesor here.

On close examination of the actual cable, referenced above, the US State Department provided a list of critical infrastructure and key resources to US diplomats assigned overseas, under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) for annual review and reporting of “inventory”.

An excerpt from the cable:

The overarching goal of the NIPP is to build a safer, more secure, and more resilient America by enhancing protection of the nation’s CI/KR to prevent, deter, neutralize or mitigate the effects of deliberate efforts by terrorists to destroy, incapacitate or exploit them; and to strengthen national preparedness, timely response, and rapid recovery in the event of an attack, natural disaster or other emergency.

3. (U//FOUO) In addition to a list of critical domestic CI/KR, the NIPP requires compilation and annual update of a comprehensive inventory of CI/KR that are located outside U.S. borders and whose loss could critically impact the public health, economic security, and/or national and homeland security of the United States.

See full text of the NIPP.

Although both the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act appear to apply only to the USA. However, this cable references CI/KR outside the US borders. This makes strategic sense when considering the nature of global infrastructure including many critical underwater telecommunication cable landings.

From the standpoint of protecting global communications the State Department directive includes names and location of the landing points of these telecommunication cables including Southern Cross undersea cable landing, Brookvale, Australia.

The name of the source is shown and was revealed in the Wikileaks cable release which was created at the State Department on 2 February 2009 and released by Wikileaks on 5 December 2010. A quick search of Wikipedia, the on-line Encyclopedia, shows the Southern Cross undersea cable landing;

Wiki Southern Cross Cable

The article by Wikipedia shows that the page was last edited on 15 November 2010, prior to the Wikileaks release.

Other “key resources” detailed in the cables includes minerals, oil/natural gas, private and publicly held corporations, including Pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Again upon examination and in reference to statues used to form this directive the purpose was to;

“mitigate the effects of deliberate efforts by terrorists to destroy, incapacitate or exploit them; and to strengthen national preparedness, timely response, and rapid recovery in the event of an attack, natural disaster or other emergency.”

A random search on Google for Niobium (Nb), one of the “key resources” reveals that 90% of the production is in Brazil. The cables mention the State of Goias, Brazil.

Wiki Niobium

Wiki Goias

In light of the facts the cables reveal the US Government is interested in the resources of other Nations to protect the United States.

In researching this cable release, the pictures changes from a “Wish List” for terrorist targets and looks more like a “shopping list” for key resources in other countries by the US Government.

So ask yourselves, were contents of the cables a “Wish List” for terrorists or for the United States.

The scope of the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 (HSPD 7), USA Patriot Act of 2001 (42 U.S.C. 5195(e)), and Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C. 101(9)) should be examined by the US Congress and the People of the United States of America.

Dec. 6, 2010: Current list of Wikileak mirrors (Official)

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment
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Dec. 5, 2010: How To Access WikiLeaks

December 5, 2010 3 comments

Latest version is always here: How To Access WikiLeaks

By: PunkJohnnyCash | Dec 3, 2010 Anarchism, Police State

Download PDF

UPDATE: 5/05/10 – Yesterday was having issues and the best way to access the information was on the mirrors. It seems things are okay today. The site was undergoing ‘scheduled maintenance’.

UPDATE: 12/04/2010 – Wikileaks is no longer pulling up at88.80.13.160 it is still pulling up at:

UDATE: 12/04/2010 – Many of the domains pointing to WikiLeaks have gone down at this point. It looks like the individual country codes have held on the longest and a direct IP is still the best way to access the site. When you get there please download the site archive abailable there. You can also download it directly here so we can keep it in as many hands as possible. Click Here to Download the Torrent of a full site archive. Also, since we have received so much traffic on this site over the last 24 hours via google searches I just wanted to invite all you new visitors to check out our latest podcast on Wikileaks which you can find here.

After their domain name has been siezed you may be wondering “how can I access WikiLeaks?” Early this morning WikiLeaks posted their direct IP on Twitter encouraging us to get the word out there. Their url has been taken, but we can still accessinformation directly. We must spread this information, provide links, mirrors and keep the information in the public eye.

@WIKILEAKS: Free speech has a number:

via Twitter / WikiLeaksWIKILEAKS: Free speech has ….

Please help get this information out there to the general public. The state is doing all they can to deny access.

The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops.

You can be assured that this is only the beginning of the states war on truth andWikiLeaks.

Please save the IP address

Also Google still has a Cache of the site that can be found here.

Please re-post this on your blogs to help get the word out there.

Other Ways To Access WikiLeaks:

In case something happens, here are some mirrors etc.. via:

Real mirrors on different IP Addresses

We need more real mirrors. If you have information on these please send it to me. If you have further sources to access the information also please forward it to me so I can post it all here. You can reach me here.

UPDATE: Some pages have gone down today. If you find some links that no longer work or new ones please contact me here to let me know.

  • Mirror hosted in France []
  • – Mirror hosted in Sweden [] (Currently the server is not found)
    • – Points to Official Site [] (Not Working)
    • – Points to Official Site [] (Not Working)
    • – Temporary Wikileaks Page [,] (Not Working)
    • – Official Wikileaks Page [,] (Not Working)
    • – Secret US Embassy Cables [,,] (Not Working)
    • – Secure SSL Chat Page [] (Not Working)
    • – Points to Official Site [] (Not Working)
    • – Points to Official Site [] (Not Working)
    • – Points to Official Site [](Not Working)

  • Domains Pointing to:

    The following look to not be working anymore. I am leaving the links active in case one does, but these might just lead to godaddy landing pages and stuff like that.

    Social Media WikiLeaks Links

    UDATE: 12/04/10 Currently the Do-Follow Network is also keeping up with us. They stated that we need more, and we do, so please help re-post the information and keep on it. Also Thomas Knapp has posted the information on his blog here. I will be updating this post as things change, and I will be linking to others who are keeping this information posted in case a blog or a site goes down or something strange.

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