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How’s that debt deal working for you, folks?

August 2, 2011 4 comments

Although the Obama deal does not cut spending in the least, I do agree with the Left: it is terrible for widows and orphans, and those needing medical care — in Afghanistan, since it will create more of them there.

Of course, that is not a problem for the Left, so long as the check is in the mail, right? I mean, as long as you get single payer, who cares about fascist state spending on the wars. No matter the cost, nothing should reduce spending and interrupt the checks mailed out to silence and marginalize the poor.

And, you assholes on the left have the nerve to insist the true cost of Obama’s wars can be mitigated by increasing taxes on Bill Gates. As if Obama is dropping copies of Microsoft Word on the people of Afghanistan.

No doubt, the people of Afghanistan are mourning the defeat of the Tea Party and the balanced budget amendment — and burying their dead. But, the Left will continue to conceal their filthy secret: they willingly ignore murder in Afghanistan to keep the checks coming.

Do the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) think they can wash the blood off their hands by winning a miserable extension of unemployment compensation for 99ers? Do Naomi Klein and Van Jones think the people of Afghanistan will forgive them because they worry about the American social safety net?

You are utterly dependent on Social Security, Medicare and Fascist State spending because when it counted you gave away your own future. Government dominates half of your working life, and now to survive you must beg it for handouts.

And, on this basis alone you let it terrorize the rest of the planet.

All those public sector union members who thought they made a wonderful deal trading their children’s future for a pension — how’s that working for you, assholes?

When asked what labor wanted, Samuel Gompers replied, “More.”

“And we shall never cease to demand more until we have received the results of our labor.” — Gompers

Well, now labor has it: more war, more repression, more hunger, more poverty, more fascist state spending — and, less of the results of their labor.

How’s that working for you Trumka? Does Obama need you today for another photo op, scab? When he signs that bill, Obama should have Naomi Klein, Van Jones, members of the CPC and CBC, and Trumka standing around him. Because, the night Obama made his nomination acceptance speech he laid out his entire fascist program, and they swooned as if receiving two tablets of stone at the foot of Mount Sinai.

It was a classical fascist speech, as if written by Mussolini himself — perfect in both pitch and nuance. And, the Left swallowed it, and couldn’t contain their adoration of that empty suit in the White House.

Fascism simply recognizes it is impossible to serve the interests of Capital without appealing directly to the interests of the laborer. But, this appeal to her interest must be posed in a fashion that always requires more, not less, fascist state power over the worker.

Once the prerequisites of the worker’s dependence on the fascist state are established, the process of capitalist accumulation reinforces it. The more overaccumulation of means of production and the surplus population of workers increases, the more important the role of the fascist state becomes to keep society’s heads above the economic quagmire.

Seen from the worker’s viewpoint as a wage slave, the danger is never too much but too little spending; never too much, but too little labor. The enslavement of the worker requires constant extension of wage labor, of exploitation, of inflation — and, of state intervention to ensure these. The political activity of the worker is, therefore, directed, above all, toward demanding ever more fascist state power.

It is not simply that the workers exploitation constantly grows, side by side with the growth of the fascist state, but of the relation between the two processes. The more effective becomes the exploitation of the worker, the more quickly the fascist state must grow, and vice versa. While the exploitation of the worker implies the reduction of necessary labor — of wages — the growth of the state implies a declining accumulation rate of capital.

The first results in a great increase in the mass of surplus value created during the same period of time. And, the increase in the mass of commodities thrown on the world market — of capital in the form of commodities thrown on the world market. This implies a worsening stagnation of productive activity. Which empirically is evidenced in data establishing the declining rate of US economic growth.

The second results in the great increase in the mass of public debt necessary to absorb the excess capital and excess population of workers. The increase in the mass of public debt is nothing more than an increase in the mass of surplus value unproductively consumed by the state.

However, since accumulation is determined by the mass of new value able to operate as capital, unproductive state consumption slows accumulation. So, hand in hand with a declining rate of economic growth, there is an astonishing increase in the unproductive public sector relative to productive employment. At a certain point, the productive employment of labor not only slows, but actually begins to contract.

If you want to see what this process looks like long term, just visit the GM headquarters in Detroit. Go to the top of the towers and look out over the social catastrophe that is Detroit.

That is your future under the fascist state, folks.

Some (more) thoughts on Barack’s economic plan…

January 9, 2009 1 comment
N. Gregory Mankiw

N. Gregory Mankiw

We have been thinking about some of the reasoning which goes into the Party of Washington’s approach to this crisis and what their approach says about you.

From what we can tell by our admittedly superficial reading of the most recent economic literature – we are not fans of economists and rate them on the food chain somewhere just above fungi and lawyers, and considerably below plankton – surprisingly, Barack and his economic team think their approach will work because you are most probably destitute, impoverished, lacking any significant means of subsistence – such as food and shelter – and all resources which might be used to acquire or produce those means – insolvent.

Of course, you don’t think of yourself this way: You likely hang that meaningless label on your social status, middle class, but, were you to lose your job today, in a matter of months you would be a resident of some homeless shelter, and subsisting entirely on charity.

Were you to receive a tax cut from Washington, you would likely blow it in a month or two.

Whatever increase in your income you receive from your paltry wages quickly gets spent on basic necessities of life, or, servicing the mountain of debt gathered as unpaid bills on your kitchen table.

While your more successful peers have worked diligently and honestly – adding to the wealth bequeathed to them by their millionaire grandparents (who acquired those means from their millionaire slave-owning grandparents – its wonderful what centuries of unpaid labor can do for a portfolio) – you can’t touch a dollar without immediately trying to spend it on the latest gadget – like food, cell phones or 42 inch, high-definition, wide screen, plasma televisions, which, interestingly enough, began rolling out just as Washington mandated digital television to replace the old analog system, and which new technology promises amazing video images of the best reruns cable has to offer.

You are, in a phrase, dirt poor, by any useful definition of that term. If you looked up the term, penniless uneducated fucking hillbilly, in a dictionary, the definition would not only include your picture, but also your social security number, address, and phone number.

In economic theory, the term, penniless uneducated fucking hillbilly, goes by the more obfuscating term, rule of thumb consumer – a concept introduced into economic literature in a paper N. Gregory Mankiw prepared for the American Economic Association, in January 2000.

Greg, citing earlier research, concluded:

If we exclude home equity on the grounds that it is not always liquid, the mean [net worth] for this group falls to a negative $10,600, indicating that debts such as credit cards balances exceed financial assets. Net worth is zero or negative for 18.5 percent of households; excluding home equity, the number of households in the red rises to 28.7 percent.

Stated in ordinary American, Greg concludes a good 28 percent of American families don’t have a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out. They, like you, probably, are devoid of any resources to survive the loss of their jobs, or the slightest reduction in their wages. And. like you, they stand on the edge of financial disaster, hoping the wind doesn’t blow the wrong way.

And, boy did the wind blow the wrong way in 2008: 2.6 million jobs lost and counting, manufacturing employment falling for 23 months in a row, even service jobs getting swallowed up in the financial implosion on Wall Street.

(We might note: Greg’s insight, significant as it is, did not so much add to the body of human knowledge , as it did simply concede to Karl Marx what he had asserted some 150 years ago, when he wrote that capitalism would produce a, “mass of propertyless workers – the utterly precarious position of labour – power on a mass scale cut off from capital or from even a limited satisfaction and, therefore, no longer merely temporarily deprived of work itself as a secure source of life…,” however, we might simply be accused of nitpicking.)

The upshot of Greg’s insight into you as an economic category, is that you are completely reliant on selling yourself into slavery in order to eat, and feed your family.

If your wages fell, you would likely respond by working harder, longer – even taking on a second or third job – and, it is pretty unlikely you would ever see a wage increase which would allow you to work less – you are tied to your job by the constant threat of starvation.

And, from what we can see, there is nothing which says you have to be completely penniless: just that you should be so relatively hard up that you might, for example, be inclined to work longer hours whenever the opportunity presented itself, or, when you hit that credit card to repair your transmission, or, are suddenly faced with balloon payments on your alt-A mortgage.

Washington knows this about you, and, they know they can pretty much manipulate economic events which compel you to work longer hours, for less pay, as you drown in debt.

Hence, when Barack declares,

And above all, I will ask you join in the work of remaking this nation the only way its been done in America for two-hundred and twenty-one years – block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

He knows he really doesn’t have to ask: it is not exactly like you have a choice in the matter.

Obamanomics: An economic disaster of untold proportions…

November 23, 2008 Leave a comment

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more about “Barack Obama’s economic plan“, posted with vodpod

The Moron and his Wall Street crew thought it might be a good idea to inject trillions of dollars into the failing financial system to stimulate new lending, so they handed out billions to every banker they could find – forced them to accept the money, by some reports.

They stuffed hundreds of billions more into the pockets of central bankers from virtually every nation and on almost every continent – Africa, of course, seems to have been bypassed on this astonishing and unprecedented act of charity.

The financial markets responded by immediately shedding trillions of dollars of wealth.

As fast as the U.S Treasury and Federal Reserve could shovel money out the door, investors’ shoveled it right back in. The withdrawal of liquidity from every market proceeded apace as every market player with the means at hand sought the safest form of investment possible: US treasury bonds.

By last week, Hank Paulson threw up his hands and finally surrendered to the obvious: Mr. Market hates money! And, the wealth destruction we are witnessing results not from too little money in circulation, but too much.

Sisyphean efforts notwithstanding, Mr. Market has made clear society is no longer bound by the laws of scarcity and any interventions made on the premise that such scarcity exists will be rebuffed.

Time to wake up, people!

This is not the economy of the Founding Fathers. In about the same time one of that generation of Americans could travel from Boston to England – three months – China will bring 13 new power generating plants online. The productive capacity at our fingertips is of several orders of magnitude greater than that even enjoyed by mid-Twentieth Century Americans.

Now the Messiah has stepped forward to try his hand at the tasks which bedevil his predecessor. Saturday, Barack Obama announced his intention to spend perhaps as much as $600 billion on a stimulus package with a goal of creating 2.5 million new jobs through the start of 2011, according to the Huffington Post:

“These aren’t just steps to pull ourselves out of this immediate crisis; these are the long-term investments in our economic future that have been ignored for far too long,” Obama said in the weekly Democratic radio address. The economic recovery plan being developed by his staff aims to create 2.5 million jobs by January 2011, and he wants to get it through Congress quickly and sign it soon after taking office.

He called the plan “big enough to meet the challenges we face” and said that it will jump-start job creation but also “lay the foundation for a strong and growing economy.

If the Moron and his band of Wall Street predators imagined fixing a financial system choking on bloated bonuses, record profits and years of easy credit with even more trillions of dollars proffered on the easiest of terms, the Messiah and his Clintonite apostles have now decided the fix for an economy predicted to shed millions of jobs and hundreds billion of dollars in government revenue is to “create” more jobs, and run bigger deficits to do it.

Perhaps, we are incredibly dense, but Mr. Market seems to be saying we need less government, less capital, and less work. But, you keep electing people who seem determined to increase all three!

Give us a clue, people: What the fuck are we missing here?

What the fuck is so difficult about having a society where people spend less of their life immersed in the soul destroying filth of labor, greed and, faceless bureaucracy?

What the fuck is so horrifying about devoting less of your time to the mad scramble to pay bills, balance budgets, and find childcare for your own neglected latchkey children, that you would fight so strenuously to increase the very things that makes these things more onerous?

It is clear to us what Donald Trump gets out of this: he couldn’t find a date if he didn’t own a modeling agency.

And, we know what the Moron and Messiah get out of it: Its great to have everyone stand when you walk into a room; its great to glad hand all your class mates who now lead other nations, and know, deep down inside, you won the biggest prize of all – seven fleets prowling the world’s waters, and enough nukes to burnish the surface of the earth with glass, and precipitate a new glacier age.

But just what the fuck do you get out of it?

How is it improving your sex life?

How does it boost your bragging rights at state dinners?

The Messiah has now embarked on culmination of the very disaster begun by his predecessor. Instead of grasping the fundamental logic of this crisis – that working hours must be reduced; and, that government must be reduced along with this – he has chosen to intensify that crisis.

Resolution of this crisis will now likely be imposed in the harshest and most chaotic form possible, with all the incalculably catastrophic unfolding of events that this implies: The default and bankruptcy of the United States government, and subsequent collapse of global economic activity.

The absence of change you will come to believe in…

November 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Just wanted to give you the heads up on a likely ideological bent of the policies you will have to defend as the CHANGE for which you voted not yet two weeks past.

From Willem Buiter – who we instantly came to love when we read his defense of his blog – a spicy survey of the Obama economic team, whom he labels “too old, too uninspiring and too much part of the problem to deliver the change America needs and to keep alive the hope that Obama may have inspired through his election. A wasted opportunity.”

Lies we can believe in…

November 15, 2008 Leave a comment

I was confused there for a moment last spring.

Had this nation actually produced a presidential candidate capable of bringing change to Washington?

Had a corrupt and terribly corrupting social order managed to overcome its own deeply ingrained patterns of anti-human behavior.


Sorry. Merely a momentary lapse into some naive optimism. Evil begets evil, and the son is in the image of the father.

greg-craigBarack Obama’s second appointment announcement is in, and it is a doozy.

One of the most outrageous reversals by the “Messiah” during the campaign was his about face on domestic spying and violations of Americans basic constitutional rights by the Moron’s administration.

The apparent author of that reversal, Attorney Greg Craig, was today appointed to be the Messiah’s White House Counsel.

Said Attorney Craig at the time:

“This was a deliberative process, and not something that was shooting from the hip,” Mr. Craig said. “Obviously, there was an element of what’s possible here. But he concluded that with FISA expiring, that it was better to get a compromise than letting the law expire.”

The only thing wrong with that explanation: it was a lie.

Craig knew it was a lie when he said it.

And, he wasn’t even intelligent enough to come up with another lie to smooth over the first one.

Apparently this man is either a poor liar, or, or someone not used to having to explain his lies.

We will let you be the judge.

So, before you embrace this new religion of CHANGE, you may want to have a look at the man who will be the Messiah’s mouthpiece in some future impeachment proceedings. (Believe me, the Republicans will not be as lenient on him as were the Democrats on his predecessor.)

Here, Mr Greg Craig is being interrogated by Salon on his blatant and obvious lies in response to the Messiah’s sudden betrayal of his supporters on the issue of domestic surveillance:

Back in August, when he was seeking the Democratic nomination, Obama voted against the Protect America Act. Therefore, had Obama had his way, there never would have been any PAA in the first place, and therefore, there never would have been any PAA orders possible. Having voted against the PAA last August, how can Obama now claim that he considers it important that the PAA orders not expire? How can he be eager to avoid the expiration of surveillance orders which he opposed authorizing in the first place?

I asked Craig that question several times and received completely incoherent replies, after which he started insisting that he already answered me and had nothing else to add (he then changed the subject to talk about the “improvements” the current bill achieves over the Rockefeller Senate bill). The fact is that there is no answer. In the past, Obama has opposed the type of warrantless eavesdropping which those PAA orders authorize. He’s repeatedly said that the FISA court works and there’s no need to authorize eavesdropping without individual warrants. None of that can be reconciled with his current claim that he supports this FISA “compromise” because National Security requires that those PAA orders not expire and that there be massive changes to FISA. It’s just as simple as that.

It’s bad enough that Obama is supporting a new warrantless eavesdropping scheme. They should just candidly admit that he changed his position rather than feeding incoherent and insultingly false rationalizations to the public — whereby they throw around the terms “National Security” and “balance” enough times and hope that nobody notices or cares that what they’re saying makes no sense.

“…hope that nobody notices or cares that what they’re saying makes no sense.”

Ah, Hope!

The Real News Network – Who is Rahm Emanuel?

November 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Barack Obama is clearly making himself at home in Washington. Soon, all he will need is a bag of pork rinds. We will diligently tick off Barack’s disappointments, lies, half truths, reversals, and, wholesale betrayals as they unfold in the remaining 70-odd days until January 20, 2009.

So, let us begin with his unconscionable, filthy, and unfathomable choice for Chief of Staff:

David Swanson: Rahm Emanuel has been the amazing early bad news following the past two elections.

more about “Who is Rahm Emanuel?
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