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The Sorry State of Anti-Statism, and Other Random Thoughts

So, last night I put myself through the agony of watching the entire NBC sponsored Republican debate. I don’t normally do this, but since I am such a fan of Brian Williams and his fetish for the British royals and heart-warming feel good stories about people making a difference, I figured, “What the fuck?”

What follows are a few of my (almost) unedited random thoughts:

He made money the old fashioned way: Mitt earned every dime of the unpaid labor he squeezed out his work force. He made his money the old fashioned way — purchasing his work force in America’s industrial Africa, and putting them to work in America’s financial Virginia.

Newtonian Physicks: Newt is sad it has gotten so personal and nasty. Frankly, I disagree.

Dead men tell no tales: Someone check Rick’s and Ron’s pulses, I think they are dead up there. They look like bookends on a shelf at the Copley Library.

I don’t know where this came from: People only think Obama is a socialist because socialists are fucking pro-fascist lapdogs of the Democratic Party.

Gay anarchists wanted: The first thing someone should do to give Ron Paul’s campaign a makeover is buy him a decent fucking suit that fits.

Someone just woke Ron Paul up: Whoa, did Ron just grow a fucking pair of balls and force his way into the middle of this war mongering bullshit? Way to go Ron! Glad you found out they have a cure for Low-T, now.

Justifiable use of force: See just about now, Ron Paul should run over and bitch slap Rick until he falls to the ground in seizures. If Ron took out a bat and started beating these three fuckers, it would constitute justifiable self-defense — Rick, Mitt and Newt have been threatening the planet all night.

Teenage Migrant Ninja Turtles: I’m surprised! Mitt and Newt only like the part of the DREAM Act that allows the US to recruit teenage mercenaries from Guatemala.

Awwwww!: I loved Rick’s touching story because my dad was a dad too.

Re: Space Coast: Hell no, not another dime. If you want to go into space, build your own fucking rockets!

CONCLUSION: If anything Ron Paul has proven too accommodating with these clowns. He wants to plant one foot in anti-statism, and the other in the anachronistic small government rhetoric of the 1950s GOP. At what point do we get full-throat hostility to all statism? Can anyone show me someone who can run in either party on a platform of hostility to the state? Anti-statists refusal to engage in politics against idiots like this GOP crop is unconscionable. These fuckers are no political threat. The only thing anti-statists have to fear is losing their precious apolitical cherries.

In an election cycle dominated by the Tea Party and Occupy, for the shit pushed by the likes of Mitt, Rick and Newt to go unchallenged by us is just unbelievable. It is as though anti-statists think they have nothing to offer to anyone, and only something to deny them — that shit is weak. These statist assholes propose statism has something to offer society, when we know that is not true. But, we act as though statists can offer something, while we can only take stuff away from society — the exact fucking opposite of the way shit works!

All this means is we haven’t the slightest clue what anti-statism has to offer. We think like fucking statists. Like statists, we think if you are not bribing people with false promises, you have nothing to offer them. But, we do have something to offer: we can argue by replacing the state with an association their lives will be materially better with less labor. And, we can prove that with loads of empirical data!

Here is something anti-statists will not admit to themselves: Fascist state economic policy is simply a device for creating artificial and wholly unnecessary scarcity and want. Libertarians don’t want to believe it, anarchists don’t want to believe it, and Marxists don’t want to believe it. Because believing it, and stating it openly, violates all their illusions about the present state of things. At root, all these variants hold to the present state because they lack the imagination that anything can change it or improve on it. In a perverse way, all anti-statists are comfortable with the existing state.

Well, Fuck You! I am not comfortable with it. I don’t want to waste my life in a fucking cubicle, and then collect $1200 a month in Social Security. I am sorry, but I want more out of my fucking fifteen minutes on this planet!

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  1. Threecrow
    January 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Like the author of this site, I too watched the men currently stretching their claw like hands towards the Ring of Mordor like so many Gollum’s in the night. But, unlike the passive, consumer driven author I taped the “debate” out of principle. Unwilling to sit through commercials for cars and deoderents in some sheepish manner I was able to fast-forward through all the capitalist filth. Sadly, I had forgotton that I am a speed reader at a rate of 3000 words per minute and therefore went shopping first thing this morning (Bought some excellent mouthwash.) after viewing the intense grilling that that Williams fellow gave the Final Four. Regular Ed Murrow that Williams. In any event, I can’t help feeling, anti-statists aside, that there probably will be an election for President come November; that is if the creek don’t rise and the Mayans are wrong.
    And it is on this point I would like to make this observation.
    I have seen this enemy of the nation and her people before, at many times and in many guieses. This monster arrives at an opportune moment in history and appeals to the very darkest impulses of the American People; “We all have bloody thoughts.” (Gen. Crook)
    I despise this beast with all my heart and have fought it all my life even as the beast grows stronger with every battle and our people move ever closer towards its embrace.
    Where are the Saint Michaels of yesteryear?

    • January 28, 2012 at 10:48 pm

      I love you man! You always say the right thing at the right time! đŸ™‚

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