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Message from Iowa: Occupy — and Run — everything!

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Take a look at the Iowa results from last night, and smile!

I think this is justified for two reasons: first, the elections are a snapshot of the dynamically changing opinion among the American population. Of course, this snapshot is limited to those who actually attended the GOP caucuses, and it does not reflect the mass of the population except in some statistical fashion. But, it is the largest of snapshots likely to be gained in iowa until the general election.

Second, the election can help us to understand how anti-statism is expressed ion the outcome. I admit this political expression of anti-statism is only evident in a fundamentally flawed fashion — in the form of Ron Paul own person. As @punkjohnnycash on Twitter noted, Paul more accurately can be described as an anti-federalist, rather than an anti-statist. Still, i think, his support in the election can serve as a sort of proxy for anti-statist sentiment, so long as we remember @punkjohnnycash’s caveat.

So, with those two caveats in mind — Iowa is only a limited sample of a proxy an anti-statist position — let’s look at the results.

Returns indicated GOP Grandparents  (65 and olde), are going for Romney, parents (40-65) went for Santorum, and their adult children (17-39) went for Paul. Paul also pulled from lower the working class. The income distribution of the vote reflects the age distribution, and this tends to support Paul among the young. Since younger voters are also over-represented in the lower income range of the population, the data seems consistent.

I would imagine, the distribution in the military is similar, with the lower ranks, who are being ground up by war, going with Paul. Politically, we might be looking at significant anger in the lower rank military due to the lethality of constant combat. A distinguishing feature of this election season are the donation to Paul from the military to the exclusion of almost all other candidates.

The results show 80%, of the GOP lodged firmly in what we can define as the statist camp — non-Ron Paul voters from the older and higher income base. The younger and lower income base is firmly anti-Washington, at least, and possibly anti-statist to the extent this anti-statism can have a political expression in the GOP as anti-federalist sentiment.

I think, the future is with the young, lower income mass. Parents will follow their children. This is true in thinking and in actual circumstances, for two reason: austerity is forcing parents to provide less support to their kids, and you can bet this is having a profound psychological impact on them. It is very difficult to turn your kids away for support for education, or tiding them over early financial burdens. Add to this, the adult children who are no longer leaving home to start their own families because of economic stress.

My conclusion from this: with 20 percent of the GOP already openly hostile to Washington, the stage is being set for a large-scale political crisis.

The remaining GOP is split between a larger evangelical base and the traditional business community and these folks should not be ignored. The division between the business community and the evangelicals is bitter and unbridgeable. The business community is not at all on board for the dogmatic pietism of the evangelicals — the workplace is hostile to that shit. Moreover, unlike the Democrats, the GOP has no figure to unite around and hold the fractures in place.

Ron Paul’s anti-federalism plays in all three sections of the GOP, but for different reasons. There is hostility to Washington as an political-economic entity (anti-statism); cultural entity (evangelicals); and regulatory (business). Don’t underestimate these anti-Washington attitudes: business, even dominating Washington, still is antagonistic to Washington at the granular level.

Capitals are fiercely competing with each other over the levers of power, and this is a life or death struggle among them. The domination of finance capital over Washington is not at all supportive of the interests of non-finance capital. Moreover, there is huge mass of capital unable to function as capital, that has retreated to gold, speculation and treasuries. These capital are being screwed right now — this is FOFOA and followers of Austrian economists. They are on the edge of extinction.

The MF Global collapse sent a shock-wave through this mass of dead capital; as the banksters essentially ripped them off in broad daylight. MF Global was a wholesale looting of small capital by big capital. These folks will also fuel the anti-Washington anger.

The anti-statist argument is in very good position this morning — we should be happy! Next up: Obama’s progressive base.

Among the progressives, Washington has done much of our job for us by destroying the independent worker organizations in the past 30 years. Resistance through these working  class organizations is now impossible, the working class can no longer act politically as a class but as individuals. This might seem bizarre, but the these organizations were the primary social base of the fascist state. The divisions within the class domestically and internationally allowed capital to consolidate its grip on state power. And, the American labor movement played a pivotal role in Washington’s international strategy.

This corrupt fascistic labor movement no longer exists; over the past 30 years, it has been systematically dismantled, to imposed the neo-liberal agenda. A national labor movement within a globally evolved capitalism is an anachronism. A global labor movement is an oxymoron, since we are talking about all of humanity against a tiny stratum of parasites.

Occupy and the Tea Party are the new models for working class resistance — no leaders, because we all control only ourselves. The thing to note in this election is how the AstroTurf of the Tea Party led not to its dissolution, but the emergence of Ron Paul’s anti-federalist message as a force within the GOP — anti-statist sentiment is adapting itself to ready made forms. The GOP corporate center did not kill the Tea Party message, it only infected itself with that message.

All in all, we are in good position to establish a movement to replace the state with an association that is global. An association that recognizes no class, no dogmas and no national borders. The message of anti-statist should be:

“Occupy AND RUN everything, from your job to your planet.”

The union sit downs of the 1930s and the civil rights sit-ins of the 1960s are antiquated forms of 20th Century resistance; we now need to actively recognize our own capacities for self-activity. Both the sit-down strikes and the sit-ins were attempts by the oppressed to gain recognition, now the oppressed need to recognize their own capacities as their own. I really think we need to begin where we are – in our communities and workplaces – take control of these and manage them ourselves.

Also read: Robert Wenzel: “HOT: Did Ron Paul Just Win Iowa?” Ron Paul supporters are being very aggressive in their effort.

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