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MONEYLESS: The Dollar Puzzle

December 4, 2011 2 comments

It turns out my first reaction to FOFOA’s post, Moneyness, was the correct one: the Moneyness of the dollar is to Money what Stephen Colbert’s Truthiness is to Truth, i.e., NOT.

To really understand the significance of FOFOA’s pure concept of money, I will compare it to Karl Marx’s and classical political-economy’s view of money. In the latter view, value drives and determines price; while in FOFOA’s pure concept of money, price is wholly indifferent to value. Marx argued the price realized by the sale of a commodity in any exchange was, at root, a function of the duration of socially necessary labor time it takes to produce it. The realized price of the commodity included the wages paid to the worker plus a quantum of unpaid labor time realized as profit by the capitalist. However, because this is a social process, and the actual exchange is heavily influenced by imbalance between supply and demand and many other factors, a direct connection between the price and value of a commodity in a given transaction could not be established in any obvious fashion.

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