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There is this vision that keeps arriving. The muddle heads on television, even those who encourage viewers to “Lean Forward,” seem completely at a loss when asking themselves and each other what this movement may mean, this organic rising of a people to stand and occupy the scene of the crime, Wall Street. The great question is how long will this last. How long will it last and how large will it become. Those with the greatest interest in seeing this movement disappear quietly into the night are holding their collective breaths, while their talking heads heap verbal garbage upon the people, sounding, it might be said, a great deal like Marie and Louis XVI while dining and discussing the riff raff hanging about the palace in the summer of 1789.

The vision is this: NIGHT TRAIN TO WALL STREET. Mobilization of people from Boston to Atlanta and points West could stand together, each weekend a different city could use Amtrak to fill every car and make the run to Penn Station and move in concert to Wall Street for the purpose of creating this image: You want to keep things at the economic status quo of injustice, you will have to do so against the will of your own people.

Remember, it is the image we seek here.

Did the pentagon raise? Yeah, about two o’clock in the morning it turned orange, started to glow and got about two feet off the ground. But that was never the point. It was the image we wanted to create; you want to wage this war, you’re going to have to wage it against your own people. Were we the majority? Probably not. But we were enough. A. Hoffman

We are talking about an awful lot of congressional districts here folks. Using Amtrak is a symbol of the people itself. And train rides are fun and exciting. In any event, it would sure shake them up on Wall Street and D.C. Think about it.

All Aboard?


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