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The United States of Europe is a fascist project

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The Fascist State is frantically trying to find a way out of this crisis, and here is their program for Europe: Statement by the Council for the Future of Europe: EUROPE IS THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM”, (pdf)

This neoliberal project is the hoped for the next stage in the fascist integration of Europe under the ruling oligarchy of monopoly finance capital headquartered in Washington.

From the statement:

Europe is at a crossroads. It is a moment of choice for both the 17 countries of the Eurozone and the 27 countries of the European Union. The Eurozone needs to decide whether it will move in the direction of a more comprehensive fiscal and economic union or risk a breakup that would put in danger the whole European integration.
The European Union needs to decide whether to promote growth, speak with a common voice on global issues and play a significant global role in the 21st century or accept that the world will move on without us. Not making a decision and taking action on these fundamental questions will weaken Europe as a whole and its member states individually, including the larger ones.

The statement’s authors, including such notables as  former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former President of the European Commission Jacques Delors, and former  Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schröder, describes the “recent difficulties” of complete financial collapse as a momentary stumbling block for the European project, which, they assert, has been an economic win-win all across Europe.

It is important to emphasize that, despite the recent difficulties; the European project has been a tremendous historical success. European integration has brought peace and stability to the continent to an extent unimaginable only a generation ago. It has been an economic win-win all across Europe. For all countries membership in the European Union has meant dramatic rises in the standards of living, while countries in the core have equally benefited from an enlarged and integrated market. Today the European Union, with more than 500 million people, is the largest common market on the planet and a model for other regions. It is for the sake of preserving and furthering this historically successful project that we must deal boldly with our current challenges.

Apparently, 20 percent unemployment in Spain and Portugal, the collapse of Greece GDP under the impact of an unprecedented austerity regime, continuing threat of a multiple separate nations defualting on their massive debts to the financial oligarchy, and calls for “labor market flexibility” are the sorts of “challenges” with which the Fascist State must deal boldly.

All steps thus far by which Europe has been brought under the autocratic rule of the monopoly finance oligarchy, however, have been insufficient to weather this crisis. The authors explain, “a truly integrated Europe is the best way out of the present crisis of governance.”

The “challenges” must be overcome; but they must be overcome in a way that puts an end to a pesky sovereignty of existing national state members, and for a set of political relations more consistent with today’s requirements for extraction of surplus value:

Several members of this group we represent at the creation of the European Union and its single currency. They have joined together with the rest of us as Europeans first and foremost to send a message that a revitalized vision of a truly integrated Europe is the best way out of the present crisis of governance. Nothing can be resolved by a north vs. south, us vs. them mentality.
Meanwhile, our preoccupation with the fiscal crisis comes at the expense of the broader EU agenda. Whether it be foreign policy, energy, immigration or plans to stimulate growth and employment, many priorities are largely left ignored.

The crisis of governance mentioned above, of course, is the obstacle posed to the ruling oligarchy by the necessity of consulting with, and gaining the support of, every European Union member state in order to impose its will on these member states. Apparently, this whole EU integration thingie is spinning out of control in the face of rising, if scattered and disorganized, European protests. The answer offered here is to push forward more aggressively with a propaganda campaign to facilitate deliberate steps to rapidly advance the neoliberal agenda in Europe.

These steps must “inspire confidence”, be “forward looking”, offer “short-term steps as well as mid-term and long-term goals.”

Which is to say, the opponents of the neoliberal agenda will be labeled “doubters”, “disconnected” isolationists”, “alienated” nationalists lacking a vision for the future of Europe. To oppose this vision, in other words, opponents of the neoliberal agenda must not merely be against it, but take care to offer their own programme for Europe. Opponents of neoliberalism should be prepared to be labeled Luddites, regressive, isolationist, alienated, reactionary defenders of the sovereignty of a collection of archaic nation-states. And, they should have answer to these charges.

This document is an admission by the financial oligarchy that the present nation-state is wholly inadequate as the basis for the exploitation of labor power. Those signing on to it are making an argument for a “United States of Europe” as the minimum necessary condition to produce surplus value. Examine the steps outlined to prove this to yourself:

First, immediately, steps must be taken to bail out the banksters and set in place the institutional basis for Europe-wide accumulation of new debt:

  • Establishing a common fund to bail out the banksters by consolidating EU debt;
  • Refinancing the fictitious assets of the banking sector;
  • Turning over national fiscal power to an integrated entity, controlled by the oligarchy;
  • Create a resolution authority to handle insolvencies;

Second, this immediate program is to be supported by additional measures against the working class to increase the rate of surplus value extracted from it:

  • Commitment to an aggressive short-term inflation regime to cut wages;
  • Reduced social safety net and greater labor market “flexibility” (austerity) once inflationary growth is resumed;
  • A program to extend the social working time (labeled “increasing competitiveness”) to maximize the production of surplus value;
  • Creating a political atmosphere that emphasizes both more labor time, and extends to working years into old age (social compact);

Finally, Europe is to be further integrated into the American Empire:

  • Increase Europe’s “voice” as advocate of global neoliberal policies;
  • Conversion of the existing European-wide political structures into this project (by controlling elections, sympathetic representatives?)

Opponents of this neoliberal “United States of Europe” are going to have to offer an alternative that promises European integration doesn’t need a new treaty; just as free trade does not require “free trade agreements”. They will have to argue that just as so-called free trade agreements only serve to enforce the will of the oligarchy, so European integration does not require institutions to bailout banksters, and repay their loans.

I expect a campaign based on this outline, with heavy hitters like Tony Blair up front, supported by policy wonks like Nouriel Roubini, and a concerted media campaign. I would watch for money to begin flowing into European parliamentary elections to push out opponents of a United States of Europe. It is clear the nation-state is dead,the attempt now is being made to move those powers to a Europe-wide structure. While the Left will be kept busy fighting a rear-guard effort to maintain the welfare state, the real action is along these lines. The European Left, already divided and poorly organized, will be further undermined and rendered impotent, just as previously in the U.S.

The only hope for stopping this is not a struggle to protect the welfare state, but to accelerate its abolition and prevent this project.

To be clear this trash, United States of Europe, is as fascistic now as it was at the turn of the 20th Century. It will serve only the interest of the fascist state in Washington. But, it will not be defeated by reflexively advocating in favor of the nation-state, nor “improving” what is outlined in the paper. The proposals listed here are themselves inherently directed at increasing the amount of surplus value wrung from the European proletariat.

The instinct of the Left will likely be something along the lines of the failed fight against NAFTA, which was driven by fear and silly nationalist “Buy American” sentiment. Rather than proposing the US end all barriers to trade, the Left argued for stupidities like “fair trade” and “managed trade”. NAFTA, however, was “managed trade” — i.e., trade managed by the Fascist State. The point was to abolish Fascist State control over trade, not “reform” it. So-called “Free Trade” was not a “right-wing” policy, it was the mainstream establishment policy and the consensus in Washington of both parties.

That fight was horribly managed by progressives and others on the Left and by the labor movement. The tendency will be for the European Left to fall right into the same silly mistakes as the American Left did with NAFTA.

EU integration will be posed as “progressive”, “forward looking”, “future-orientated” — and the Left will be painted as Luddites stopping progress. The Left, on the other hand, will be thrown in a with right-wing nationalists (as the US left was thrown in with nativists like Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot on NAFTA) who will then be said to speak for you.

The only solution to the “United Sates of Europe” project, is abolition of the present nation-states of Europe. If this is too “radical” for the Left to embrace, can I offer some minimum practical demands:

  • Abolition of the European Central Bank and all monetary policy;
  • Abolition of all national debt;
  • Abolition of the European Financial Stabilization Fund and all bonds purchases;
  • No fiscal union;
  • Reduction of hours of work to 20 hours per week;
  • End to stimulus programs to create inflationary growth;
  • Withdrawal of all member states from NATO;
  • Replacement of the European parliament with a Commune organized on the basis of voluntary association among all peoples of Europe.
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  1. Threecrow
    September 8, 2011 at 10:57 am

    This “Final Grasp” to cling to the illusion of power, accumulated power acquired by and through the present day paradigm of the sacred 40 hour work week and all the falsities of credit and capitol and who owes who what and when will fail. Religiosity aside, one would benefit from the example of Beckett, who, when he became Archbishop of Canterbury, began to give away all his earthly possessions while wondering aloud, for it was recorded, “It is all so easy.”
    As the writer and editor of this site well knows, as cold a thing as logic demands not the collective, severe imposition of an order that bluntly bashes the old order into some moment of sad respite of a gray present and an even darker future, but, instead, a collective Beckett Moment.


    • September 8, 2011 at 8:16 pm

      Absolutely. We are all infected by the notion of having.

  2. Edouard Prisse
    September 21, 2011 at 9:21 am

    The United States of Europe a fascist project? How can anyone say such nonsense!
    Integration of Europe so that we can finally handle our own interests, this has nothing to do with fascism or any other ism one may invent!

    • September 27, 2011 at 10:28 am


      I am not against a united Europe. This process, however, is not designed to let the people of Europe handle their own interests, but to install one interest — that of a financial oligarchy — over the people of Europe. I hope you interpret my argument using this yardstick.

  3. J
    September 28, 2011 at 12:17 am

    Well it worked so well for Eastern Europe. Now I guess Europe should try such a thing again. Give up sovereignty and combine into one voice.

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