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How’s that debt deal working for you, folks?

Although the Obama deal does not cut spending in the least, I do agree with the Left: it is terrible for widows and orphans, and those needing medical care — in Afghanistan, since it will create more of them there.

Of course, that is not a problem for the Left, so long as the check is in the mail, right? I mean, as long as you get single payer, who cares about fascist state spending on the wars. No matter the cost, nothing should reduce spending and interrupt the checks mailed out to silence and marginalize the poor.

And, you assholes on the left have the nerve to insist the true cost of Obama’s wars can be mitigated by increasing taxes on Bill Gates. As if Obama is dropping copies of Microsoft Word on the people of Afghanistan.

No doubt, the people of Afghanistan are mourning the defeat of the Tea Party and the balanced budget amendment — and burying their dead. But, the Left will continue to conceal their filthy secret: they willingly ignore murder in Afghanistan to keep the checks coming.

Do the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) think they can wash the blood off their hands by winning a miserable extension of unemployment compensation for 99ers? Do Naomi Klein and Van Jones think the people of Afghanistan will forgive them because they worry about the American social safety net?

You are utterly dependent on Social Security, Medicare and Fascist State spending because when it counted you gave away your own future. Government dominates half of your working life, and now to survive you must beg it for handouts.

And, on this basis alone you let it terrorize the rest of the planet.

All those public sector union members who thought they made a wonderful deal trading their children’s future for a pension — how’s that working for you, assholes?

When asked what labor wanted, Samuel Gompers replied, “More.”

“And we shall never cease to demand more until we have received the results of our labor.” — Gompers

Well, now labor has it: more war, more repression, more hunger, more poverty, more fascist state spending — and, less of the results of their labor.

How’s that working for you Trumka? Does Obama need you today for another photo op, scab? When he signs that bill, Obama should have Naomi Klein, Van Jones, members of the CPC and CBC, and Trumka standing around him. Because, the night Obama made his nomination acceptance speech he laid out his entire fascist program, and they swooned as if receiving two tablets of stone at the foot of Mount Sinai.

It was a classical fascist speech, as if written by Mussolini himself — perfect in both pitch and nuance. And, the Left swallowed it, and couldn’t contain their adoration of that empty suit in the White House.

Fascism simply recognizes it is impossible to serve the interests of Capital without appealing directly to the interests of the laborer. But, this appeal to her interest must be posed in a fashion that always requires more, not less, fascist state power over the worker.

Once the prerequisites of the worker’s dependence on the fascist state are established, the process of capitalist accumulation reinforces it. The more overaccumulation of means of production and the surplus population of workers increases, the more important the role of the fascist state becomes to keep society’s heads above the economic quagmire.

Seen from the worker’s viewpoint as a wage slave, the danger is never too much but too little spending; never too much, but too little labor. The enslavement of the worker requires constant extension of wage labor, of exploitation, of inflation — and, of state intervention to ensure these. The political activity of the worker is, therefore, directed, above all, toward demanding ever more fascist state power.

It is not simply that the workers exploitation constantly grows, side by side with the growth of the fascist state, but of the relation between the two processes. The more effective becomes the exploitation of the worker, the more quickly the fascist state must grow, and vice versa. While the exploitation of the worker implies the reduction of necessary labor — of wages — the growth of the state implies a declining accumulation rate of capital.

The first results in a great increase in the mass of surplus value created during the same period of time. And, the increase in the mass of commodities thrown on the world market — of capital in the form of commodities thrown on the world market. This implies a worsening stagnation of productive activity. Which empirically is evidenced in data establishing the declining rate of US economic growth.

The second results in the great increase in the mass of public debt necessary to absorb the excess capital and excess population of workers. The increase in the mass of public debt is nothing more than an increase in the mass of surplus value unproductively consumed by the state.

However, since accumulation is determined by the mass of new value able to operate as capital, unproductive state consumption slows accumulation. So, hand in hand with a declining rate of economic growth, there is an astonishing increase in the unproductive public sector relative to productive employment. At a certain point, the productive employment of labor not only slows, but actually begins to contract.

If you want to see what this process looks like long term, just visit the GM headquarters in Detroit. Go to the top of the towers and look out over the social catastrophe that is Detroit.

That is your future under the fascist state, folks.

  1. August 2, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Bit of a broad use of the term “the Left,” no?

    • August 2, 2011 at 1:54 pm

      My use of the term “Left” includes all political perspectives who see increased fascist state spending on the social safety net as a good, whether or not this is considered useful as a reform, or as an end in itself. So, no. It is not broad.

  2. Threecrow
    August 3, 2011 at 10:57 am

    Just happened to watch The Matrix last evening. That is what the landscape surrounding the still colored gold GM building looks like.
    There is a horrible, so horrible the viewer once having discovered it must use all one’s force of will to turn away from it program found on, of all ironic places, The History Channel, called, Hardcore Pawn. It displays a Mad Max way of life surrounding that GM building, and the Thunderdrome economy on the ground and streets of Detroit. the powers of The Matrix would have it look as it did in 1957. I don’t know why I tell you this as a lead in to my point. My point is that this piece is so precise and appealing that I do urge you to consider sharing it with certain parties that have cost me a good deal of money and effort to supply you with over the past three fucking years.
    Your Hum’bl Serv’t,

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