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Open Letter to Certain Members of the Libertarian Party: Please, stop being assholes

July 19, 2011 1 comment

If the Libertarian Party ever figures out how to de-link stateless society from unrestrained rule of capitalism, they will be a real third party. I have never seen a group so willing to step on its own message and create hostility to its ideas among the population as the Libertarian Party.

This is the essential Libertarian Party message: “Yes. Elect us and we will strip every protection from you in the most aggressive and predatory fashion we can manage.”

Jesus Christ, how is this message supposed to appeal to anyone? You want to turn public water supplies over to private predators? You want to strip workers of basic protections? This is where you want to begin dismantling the State?

Well, I hope that works for you — it ain’t working for anyone I know. You cannot exploit antisocial sentiments to change society.

In Massachusetts for two decades now Libertarians have been trying to get rid of the so-called temporary income tax surcharge. Like any tax, this “temporary tax” one has become a permanent burden on the citizens. How can the population not support this? Because the spokespersons for the effort are the most primitive thinking pro-capitalist ideologues. They want to dismantle the state to hurt the mass of people, not to make the economic position of the majority better. In their narrow view, everyone in society is a parasite sucking on the tit of the “producers”, i.e., Capital. So, they (honestly, it appears) think dismantling the State must hurt that mass of society.

And this is their essential argument to the majority of society: “We will get rid of you parasites.” People already think without government GM will be paying $0.50 an hour for labor again. How, in god’s name, is this argument going to appeal to anyone?

Rand Paul made deliberately provocative statements about the Civil Rights Act; in doing this he only reinforced the image of Libertarians as complete reactionaries — not innovative revolutionaries. How did Rand Paul not know Washington was waiting eagerly for him to make a silly statement like that. Washington knows the idea of abolishing the state is just radical enough to be completely misunderstood, and they exploit every mistake by advocates to demonstrate this.

Compare Rand Paul’s idiot outburst to Obama’s complete discipline and attention to his message. Fascists know message matters. A Fascist knows his message must address the perceived needs of the population. Who in the population wants to work for $2.00 an hour? Who wants to let BP turn the Gulf of Mexico into an oily swamp — Obama does, but you will never hear those words out of his mouth! Instead, the Libertarian Party says it for him! My god, are you assholes brain-dead? Even as BP was doing everything it could to kill the Gulf, Obama was speaking about doing everything he could do to avoid the catastrophe. And, what were Libertarians doing? Complaining about the Clean Water Act. You guys are stunningly ignorant.

Every time the Libertarian Party issues a statement, they damage the cause of a stateless society. A stateless society will immediately improve the well-being of the overwhelming majority of society — or it is a pipe dream, folks. No one in their right mind is going to vote themselves a pay cut. No one in their right mind wants water fountains labeled “colored only”. If your message carries even the hint of such abominations, you have to be more aggressive than everyone else in kicking those assholes out. Because people already think that without government White Citizens Councils will be running the South again. If you allow these mistaken views any credibility, you are screwed, marginalized, and worthless to the cause.

Everyone who is against the state has to be on the same message: a stateless society will improve the lot of every member of society. And, if you really don’t believe this, you need to leave the movement, because you are an antisocial asshole. If you don’t agree that ending the state improves things for everyone, then you want to dismantle the state to HURT the majority of people — and that is fucked.

If you think a stateless society will lead to segregation and $0.50 an hour wages, and you still want to do this, you need to seek professional help.

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