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Another spoiling campaign to sow confusion…

November 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

An interesting note by Dean Baker on the forces behind the recently floated Bowles-Simpson deficit commission report.

It turns out the one of the chairs of this commission, Erskine Bowles, is a director of Morgan Stanley — a recipient of the largest corporate bailout in US history, a prime example of corporate welfare and socializing corporate losses.

And, this pompous corporate welfare prince was chosen by the Messiah to lead a commission on how to balance the US budget?

Need we ask more about this report?

For years, progressives have tolerated corporate welfare and obscenely excessive military spending because of their allegiance to the democrats. If they were concerned about the deficit those would have been the places to start. But, they didn’t — instead they just looked the other way and let the Democrats off the hook.

Now, the idea of shared sacrifice comes down to this: grandmothers on Social Security will “share” the sacrifice with Lockheed Martin, Boeing and ADM. We balance the budget by equally dividing the pain between the elderly and arms merchants!

This is the result of progressive timidity and cowardice — their refusal to stand for something other than a Democrat victory in the next election.

The Bowles-Simpson deficit report is supposed to generate controversy and debate. This debate is not aimed at clarifying things, but at muddying them. By giving any attention to this report, you aid the aim. We move from a debate about a Muslim prayer center at ground zero, to illegal immigrants, to deficit commissions — and, in each case, you silly progressives are so busy responding to the latest outrage that you never focus on YOUR alternatives, the things you want to achieve.

You are bereft of ideas and adrift on a sea of hopium, rudderless, because you have no idea what you even stand for. So long as you are a mere appendage of the Democrats, this situation will not change.

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