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Brian and Ilsa: The future backbone of Fascism in America?

In a comment on Gonzalo Lira’s post, Bobo writes:

From what I read from Gonzalo’s pieces at Naked Capitalism, he is a type of Rothbard’s libertarian. He is now trying to hijack the word “Anarchist” for his ideology. Remember Milton Friedman’ son also called his father “Anarchist”!

In the story, he superficially referred to this lovely upper middle class couple as backbone of America and their revolt (aka go Galt) would shaken the entire system. IMO, this disillusioned propertarian class likely will serve as backbone of Fascist formation in America.

We are sorry Bobo, but we think you miss the point here — although we agree with much you said.

Read beyond Gonzalo’s libertarian spin on this anecdote. We are given a glimpse into the sheeple psyche — folks who, despite all the lies, nevertheless have profited to some extent by the existing social order, but who now find the relentless advance of the order threatens to ground them underfoot. Brian and Ilsa are people being moved not out of ideological or political preferences, but out of necessity.

This is who they are: That mass of society whose 401k and pension fund managers were the necessary fools for the securities scam; the avid fans who could always be convinced to float another bond for the home team’s stadium; the dull and moronic mass whose votes — driven by appeals to basest instincts of mankind — are the necessary condition for the fiction of self-rule; the idiots who could be inspired to tears by patriotic Country-Western lyrics, even as their sons and daughters bled, died and murdered for the most predatory interests in human history.

If, among this great mass of sheepledom, the rot of the empire is just beginning to express itself, should it not demand our attention?

As a matter of faith, many on the left expect social change to come ready made out of the box, with a population already aware of their circumstances, whose critique of the existing order is already fully developed, comprehensive, reflective, and discerning. Nothing could be further from the truth: a social revolution is a messy, ugly empirical act at best, and, at worse, (when those who are best positioned to understand its necessity, instead dream of half measures, meaningless reforms, and prepackaged well-cultivated demagogues) a bloody terrifying event.

You make the argument that Brian and Ilsaa likely will serve as backbone of Fascist formation in America? So, when will this Fascist formation take place?

Bobo, the present order IS ALREADY an unvarnished fascism of the type even Hitler never dreamed — a type where even its harshest critics accepts its logic as the normal state of society.

Go back and watch the Obama acceptance speech in 2008, or the Bush “Mission Accomplished” speech in 2003. Of these two speeches, the one you thought wasn’t a fascist spectacle is precisely the form fascism will take for you. Since fascism must take some form consistent with universal suffrage, it will always appears as precisely what it is not, namely non-fascism. Just as, in this regard, wages slavery, since it rests on voluntary exchange, must appear as what it is not, namely free labor.

Which is to say, I agree with you that Brian and Ilsa are the backbone of of a Fascist formation in America, but I disagree that this is some future threat.

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  1. bobo
    October 11, 2010 at 5:06 am

    “a type where even its harshest critics accepts its logic as the normal state of society”

    brilliantly written! I couldn’t agree more. Thank you.

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