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Let them eat dirt cookies…

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

You are NOT supposed to make the connection between G8 efforts to inflate the global economy and hunger in Africa and the rest of the Third World. There is no connection, you see. All attempts to draw an inference that rising gold prices, Federal Reserve policy, Larry Summers failed economic advice, and Michelle Obama vacationing in France as millions face starvation are anything other than purely coincidental moments is not acceptable.

Yes, the goal of Washington economic policy is to insure prices always go up. Yes, this is founded on the horrific waste of labor in the West. Yes, hunger grows even as trillion of dollars sit unused in the coffers of major corporations. But, to maintain a connection between any of these facts and hours of work will not be tolerated.

From Bloomberg:

Mozambique Back to Calm After Three Days of Riots Over Food, Power Prices

By Fred Katerere and Franz Wild – // Sep 4, 2010 9:22 AM ET Sat Sep 04 13:22:17 GMT 2010

Mozambican police said clashes with demonstrators who were protesting rising food and electricity prices in the central city of Chimoio are now over.

“The situation is now calm,” Belmiro Mutadiwa, a police spokesman in Chimoio, 800 kilometers (500 miles) north of the capital Maputo, said in a phone interview today. “Six people were injured and two remain in hospital.”

The riots started in Maputo on Sept. 1, before spreading north, after unidentified people sent text messages urging Mozambicans to strike against price increases. The government announced plans to raise water and electricity rates by 30 percent starting on Sept. 1 and the price of bread by 25 percent on Sept. 6. Fuel and cement prices have also risen.

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