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A story of redemption? or Hubris…

MSNBC was, like other media outlets, with its tail between it legs begging forgiveness for the unspeakable horror show it put on yesterday.

One personality – we can’t remember who – called the story of Ms. Sherrod, “a story of redemption.”

We are not sure what that means, except it implies MSNBC was out trying to redeem themselves in the eyes of their audience for the evil they had done this woman.

The word that comes to mind for us is: Hubris, meaning extreme haughtiness or arrogance, according to the Wiki. And, we apply it to the victim in this case, not her tormentors.

For 400 hundred years, she, personally,  and her people, generally,  have been enslaved, raped, murdered, robbed, imprisoned and treated to indignities of such unspeakable horror as to make what was seen yesterday on MSNBC a virtual love-in. During her life, she has tried to throw off this historical burden – perhaps, believing wishes make it so – and reach out to the very perpetrators of her injuries and those of her people.

Stupid old woman. What did she expect?

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