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Threecrow: Welcome to the Inferno

Threecrow explains that we have now passed the point of no return:

King Minos, for whom an entire extended period of time and culture, The Minoan Civilization was named, lived a very long time ago.

His Kingdom was based on the island of Crete and his power was derived from the sea, his people were Sea People.  Greece, the Aegean, the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean, even Egypt came under the influence of this Civilization.  He lived so long ago that he had passed into history and myth long before anyone mentioned in The Bible had drawn their first breath.  His home or Palace on the island was named Knossos and beneath the palace existed an elaborate and deadly labyrinth that once entered, the way out was impossible to find.  I mention this only because it seems to me that elusive quality called wealth, whether it be the wealth of nations or the wealth of the individual, this thing we have named, The Golden Grimace has found itself prisoner and wanderer within the labyrinth.  I do not see them exiting any time soon.  The only exit lay at the beginning.

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