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Reads (2-21-2009)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Libertarian Ron Paul walks away with CPAC endorsement: Do Ron Paul’s supporters know that conservative means resistance to any change? Will libertarians ever get over the the “illegal” taking of  slave property during the Civil War? And, when will they stand up for reparations required by a century of state-sponsored Jim Crow devaluation of black economic prospects?

Rhode Island’s Jobless Tell Different Story About ‘Recovery’ – Common Dreams

“Rhode Island’s unemployment rate, 12.9 percent in the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, is the third highest in the country due to the steady erosion of its manufacturing industries, which account for one in eight jobs, and a wave of layoffs and mergers in the health care sector. Only Nevada, at 13 percent, and Michigan, at 14.6 percent, are in worse shape.”

Fall of Dutch Government Bodes Ill for Afghanistan War – Antiwar Newswire

“The collapse of the center-right government was the result of discontent with policies that made the Netherlands a loyal ally of the United States in Afghanistan and previously in Iraq, and was a sign of the difficulty President Barack Obama faces in maintaining the international contingent in the Afghan battlefield at full strength.”

Tomgram: William Astore, The U.S. Military’s German Fetish – TomDispatch

“The American military’s fascination with German military methods and modes of thinking raises many questions.  In retrospect, what disturbs me most is that the military swallowed the Clausewitzian/German notion of war as a dialectical or creative art, one in which well-trained and highly-motivated leaders can impose their will on events.”

It Is Not a Jobless Recovery, It is a Growthless Recovery – Dean Baker

“As can be seen the growth coming out of the last two downturns has been very weak by historical standards. Most projections show that the growth coming out of the current recession will be similarly weak. In short, there is no mystery about the economy’s failure to create jobs. Weak growth typically means weak job creation.”

VIDEO: Man bulldozes his foreclosed home – Tim Iacono

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