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Al Greco…

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Breaking news:

Greece: Bomb explodes at JPMorgan branch, no injuries

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The case for bitch-slapping Saint Paul until he wets his panties…

February 16, 2010 1 comment

Remember back in the good ole days when a white man could beat a black child with impunity?

We do. We remember Willie Corgan emerging from the coat room at the back of the class with his fists clenched in agony, and tears streaming from his eyes, closely followed by our sixth grade teacher, his beating stick in hand.

Willie was a fuckup who could not stay out of trouble with that white man.

Our teacher would keep track in the corner of his blackboard of the number of disruptions each of us created in class, and on Fridays it would be time to settle up. You would be administered a severe whipping across the fingertips with a long thin piece of wood – probably bamboo or some other reed – which the teacher kept in a jar of some liquid, assuming, we imagine, that the moist tip would intensify the pain of our thrashing.

We usually never accumulated more than two or three stars apiece – it took three stars to be invited into the coat room with the teacher. In one week, however, Willie accumulated 18 stars.

Willie would not be broken.

On Friday, each of us would sit patiently in class until it was our turn to be called. Willie always had the honor of going first; like Greece, only smaller, younger and black.

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