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The Angry Bear stalker defense: Dems should ignore Scott Brown’s victory…

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

The Angry Bear blog has a different take on the question raised by the BBC: Why voters vote against their own interests? The answer given by Angry Bear is hardly more satisfying than that given by the BBC, but the conclusion adds a slight twist. To paraphrase the conclusion:

She may not be all that into you, but she is confused about what she does want, so ignore her screams.

Harsh, right?

We apologize again for being an asshole here, Maggie, but we think you need to reconsider your conclusion. Angry Bear presents some pretty compelling evidence that the voters in Massachusetts were all over the map with regard to the current attempt at health insurance reform in Washington – if reform is the correct word for what is happening. The voters seem pretty certain that health insurance is important to everyone, but believe they do not have the responsibility to assure access to insurance for everyone. They are, it is clear by the polling data, being selfish rude uncaring dicks. Which is not an all that surprising observation about Massachusetts voters, who have the uncanny ability to forget that anyone else exists once the are safely seated inside their horribly overpriced raised ranch, on their Bob’s Discount Furniture sectional, in front of their 42 inch, wide-screen, high-definition plasma television, watching American Idol.

The fact is, Massachusetts voters really are mostly selfish rude uncaring dicks.

They spend an inordinate amount of time listening to shock radio neo-Nazi Jay Severin spout on about crimnaliens, and other darker peoples of low intelligence, morals, and greater than average proclivities toward debasing society and its laws. As neighbors, they are not nice people, and, frankly, it is almost physically revolting to spend much time with them and listen to them drone on endlessly about sports scores and other inanities which seem to have near sacred import within the local culture.

That Harvard and other institutions of higher learning are co-located with them, is less an argument for Boston culture than it an argument for really good zoning laws.

Despite that, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly sent Obama to Washington to change it. They did not know what change looked like – their vision was incoherent at best and dangerously fascistic at its worst. But, they sensed, in some dimly understood fashion short of what might be called a consciousness of themselves as a distinct social class in society irreversibly in opposition to the empire, that Washington does not function in their interests. And when the “change” Obama undertook in Washington fell short of this dimly understood sense, they sent Scott Brown to reemphasize the message.

It is a jumble – a mess – a chaotic mixture of near meaningless data which grows less meaningful when laid out in the form of exit polls and followup interviews. But, the gist of the meaning is clear: They hate Washington.*

Please, Maggie, et al. Pretend the voter is your date. You have to listen to her screams: She just not into you, and a hand over her mouth isn’t going to change that.

* Note: Okay. They may not yet be to the point where they hate Washington, but they are as deeply suspicious of the motive of Washington politicians as any of the new voters Obama brought into the process.