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The unwatchable Mr. Corn…

David Corn and Kevin Drum mumbling incoherently to Bill Moyers

We watched him and confirmed that progressives are, in fact, unwatchable. Please, take a moment to form your own opinion:

Because your week won’t suck enough: On Bill Moyers’ Journal, David Corn and Kevin Drum describe, in excruciating detail, how every aspect of this disaster we call an economy was engineered in the sausage factory we call Washington.

KEVIN DRUM: If you want to have real change, there’s only one place that can come from. That’s out of Congress. Congress is the only body which is big enough to actually restrain Wall Street. One way or another, you have to take your 13 million or your 15 million or whatever number of people you’ve got. You’ve got to mobilize them to tell their Congressmen that they’re mad as hell. And they’re not going to vote for them if they don’t pass this legislation.

You see, it’s not that Washington is irretrievably corrupt beyond any faint hope of redemption; it’s not that it daily augments the power of Wall Street against you; and, above all, it’s not that the disaster on Wall Street resulted directly from Washington’s pursuit of its own agenda in a secret war against you, and employed Wall Street to effect that war, its just that the Messiah has not “mobilized his base.”


Okay, fine.

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