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Neither liberty nor security…

December 30, 2009 Leave a comment

They read your email.

They listen to your phone conversations.

They have the right to enter your home without your knowledge and search it.

They can collect what you read at the library, grab you off the street and imprison you – whisk you away to some location, domestic or foreign, torture you. hold you indefinitely without charges.

They make you remove your shoes, your laptop, take off your jacket. Produce your identification three or four times just to board a flight.

They have satellites that can pick you out in a crowd at the Superbowl, drones that can kill you in the middle of a wedding, software that can track the movements of your money anywhere in a banking systems with trillions upon trillions of dollars flowng at blinding speeds.

They have files on you – your mother, father, friends, who you are sleeping with, and how much you paid for the privilege.

This is all, they say, to keep you safe.

This is because the Constitution is not a suicide pact.

But, let a father walk in to an embassy and tell them his son is acting strange – that he may be harmful to himself and you – and all those things we mention are useless to stop the young man from getting on a plane and killing hundreds of people – people who are walking today only owing to his incompetence or to something worse: That he was setup to take a fall.

In the end, all the money being spent, and all the whiz bang technology, is merely a pretext for a special interest to maintain itself at your expense – on your dime, and at the price of your freedom.