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Sandwichman’s untimely demise – UPDATED

sandwich-1Sandwichman, the reliable voice for reducing hours of work at Econospeak, has met his untimely end, according to Tom Walker:

I … was alarmed to see him slumped over in his armchair, the fatal drained cup lying on its side on the floor, just out of reach of his limp hand.

In the words of Tom Walker:

Sandwichman’s remit — believe it or not — was never about the reduction of working time as “the answer” for unemployment. It was, from the moment of his virgin birth, concerned with discourse about working time. More specifically about how dialogue about the potential benefits of work time reduction has been vigorously and mendaciously suppressed by economists. For centuries. One of the perennial tactics of that suppression has been to ridicule advocates as kooks, quacks and monomaniacal cranks.

The cause of death is said to be suicide, but rumors abound that he was victimized by a gang of well dressed, highly bribed, economists.

There has been no announcement of a memorial service.


And, boy is he pissed!

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