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Not another color coded “revolution”?

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It is said the poster on the left depicts a woman who was killed while demonstrating against the election results walking by a demonstration in Iran. You will note it’s resemblance to the famous poster of the Messiah from last year’s campaign on the right.

We can’t confirm or deny the story about the woman depicted in the first poster. We can, however, confirm that He Is The Messiah.

And, we do note the heavy handed campaign being directed from Washington against Iran, and note that it has become something of a cause célèbre among otherwise semi-intelligent mouth breathers on the left, who, since the wars against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan have now received the blessing of the Messiah, find themselves aching to see those savage assaults expanded to neighboring Iran.

Interestingly enough, the mouth breathers on the left have been joined by the doctor killers on the right to push the situation in Iran into the public conversation here in the United States.

If you caught Meet the Press this weekend, you will note that that asshole, David Gregory, spent his entire interview with the Israeli fascist chieftain Benjamin Netanyahu questioning him not about Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestine, but about whether said fascist Israeli politician believed the Messiah was taking a strong enough stand against Iran.

And, today, via comes the above “Neda” poster which some nerd at CBS conveniently seems to have “discovered” while surfing the web for pornography over the weekend.

From the Newsbusters report:

Obama and Neda: same struggle!

Who says Pres. Obama isn’t backing the Iranian uprising strongly enough?  Why, supporters of the struggle have chosen to immortalize Neda, the young student reportedly slain by the current regime, by creating a poster of her in the style of the iconic Obama poster made famous during his presidential campaign.

Might that have been CBS’s subliminal message this morning?  Of all the possible posters of the fallen girl who has become the symbol of the Iranian uprising, the Early Show chose the one displayed here in the unmistakeable style Shepard Fairey used to create his Obama poster.

CBS reporter Richard Roth implied that CBS had discovered the Obamacized poster of Neda on the internet, and that may well be true.  But surely there were any number of posters CBS might have displayed. That it chose this one was surely no coincidence.

We would suggest that, before any of you doctor-killing, mouth-breathing conservative/progressive holy warriors get your panties in a bunch over events in Iran, that you stop and realize how the United States has spent most of the last sixty years:

  1. Overthroing a democratically elected government in Iran;
  2. Installing a puppet dictator, then training and arming his secret police;
  3. Instigating and supporting an invasion of Iran by its neighbor, Iraq;
  4. Shooting down at least one civilian passenger plane;
  5. Stationing aircraft carriers to threaten Iran;
  6. Invading neighbors of Iran on two borders; and,
  7. Pursuing and engaging in hostile acts against that country, including economic sanctions and political isolation.

So the outrage you are now feeling against the clerics in Iran over the alleged events leading to the reported death of an unknown woman (who you believe is named “Neda” because CBS told you that her name is “Neda”) portrayed in the above poster is the product no less than sixty years of sustained propaganda aimed at you by Washington.

We suggest you go watch, Wag the Dog.

At least consider this scenario:

The Messiah is sincere about his desire to open dialogue with Iran. He ran on this position, he went to Cairo and apologized for at least one previous insufferable interference in Iran internal politics.

Who doesn’t want this opening to happen? Who wants this opening to be rejected both in Iran and in the United States? And, how might they create an incident designed specifically to head off any dialogue?

You’re being played, folks…

Reality versus Romer-Bernstein

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Obama economic advisers Christine Romer and Jared Bernstein made projections for unemployment in 2009. Their projections were the basis for the Obama stimulus plan passed in the opening moments of his Presidency. We thought it might be interesting to see how those projections have panned out so far.

Below is the chart, courtesy of

reality versus Bernstein

All we can say is, it’s a good thing economists get graded on a curve.