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Pavlov’s hillbillies…


Not so hidden in Barack’s economic plan is this statement by his economic advisers:

Our analysis assumes that households treat the tax cut as permanent in determining their short-run spending.

As we pointed out earlier, because you are a penniless uneducated fucking hillbilly, you eventually spend every dime you earn from wages – if you did not do this routinely, and if you did not have a long family history of doing this, you would own that plantation where Frederick Douglass’s slave-master beat him for wanting to live life as a fish, and not mud.

Washington knows this is your core character flaw, and intends to use this flaw to manipulate you.

(Disclaimer: It is, of course, not a character flaw that you live hand to mouth, but the way our society works, i.e., if you did not live hand to mouth, we would not be living under this particular set of inhuman conditions. However, we like the poetry of the above statement.)

They want to give you a tax cut as part of that package to create four million jobs, at a cost of $193,750  per job.

But, they have a problem: If you do not spend the money – if you save it, or use it to pay down that mountain of bills on your kitchen table, you will be better off economically but Washington will be no closer to its goal stimulating the economy at your expense.

The job of Barack’s economic advisers, like Jared Bernstein, was to assure Washington you are so financially illiterate – such a fucking rube – you can be fooled into thinking the extra fifteen dollars or so per week which will appear in your paycheck, as a result of a tax cut, will always be there.

Stated in a language you can understand, the above quote says: These idiots are poor and have no ability to plan ahead. If we give them a small weekly tax cut, they will respond like Pavlov’s dog and spend it until the money runs out.

The sudden shower of riches will fill you with such consumer confidence, you will go running to the mall to purchase that new 42 inch, high-definition, wide-screen, plasma television – preferably on credit.

Washington and its hired whores in the field of economics assume that by the time you finally get it through your thick head the tax cuts were only temporary, you will have spent all the money from the tax cut – and the economy will have recovered.

Wall Street will be thriving once again, and you will still be what Washington and Wall Street need you to be if this house of cards is to continue standing: A penniless uneducated fucking hillbilly.

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