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Gaza: the blood deep shame

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“It makes no difference what men think of war, said the judge.  War endures.  As well ask men what they think of stone.  War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him.  The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.  That is the way it was and will be…War is the ultimate game because is at last a forcing of the unity of existence.  War is god.”

Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

Long ago, before men had learned to make bronze, there existed no notion of a sky-god.  Not anywhere in the Western world, nor anywhere in what is now called the Middle East.  There was only the notion of The Earth Mother, called by some Gaia, Ishtar by others, each language had a name for this benign and benevolent female entity, protector of children and childbirth.  There were less than five million Human Beings on the Earth in the time we are talking of, and children and childbirth were in need of much protection.  This view held forth for thousands of years, and there were no wars, nor were there rumors of wars.  From somewhere near the Caspian Sea came a vigorous people, roaming South, East and West.  They must have been forceful in nature for they brought with them two powerful influences, the Indo-European Language, and the idea of a sky-god, masculine, angry, demanding and warlike.  In this manner did Nimrod arrive and it is the idea of him that drives our actions of today, as we glance our eye backward and see Empire after Empire destroying forever first each other and then any and all pockets of resistance to the idea of might making right, or belief in beauty being truth.  Today, this angry, ever more demanding sky god casts his eye towards Gaza, and, just as we suffered the shame of Lebanon in silence, we allow the blood deep shame that increases hourly to continue in Gaza, and the silence is becoming deafening.  And we, as a nation and a people, do we feel this shame, do we feel this injustice and injury being done by our military armaments and airships against a people who’s unlucky crime is to have been born on the land of their ancestors?  Do we even allow ourselves a whisper of protest against these actions?  We do not.  We simply change the channel, sigh, and nod in firm agreement with the judge, “War is god.”


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