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The future results of our own actions…

There is only one solution to this crisis, and it was indicated by Col. Andrew Bacevich in his interview posted here earlier:

The US must dismantle its military. The proceeds of the savings from this must be directed to American taxpayers with large tax reductions to offset decades of stagnant wages and income. The Federal budget must be brought into balance with elimination of all unnecessary spending.

Once the exhorbitant costs of empire are reduced, it will be possible for the US to again begin to export.

Above all,  the work week must be reduced at least to 20 hours.

This is not a suggestion – this crisis is precisely aiming at compelling the US economy to produce such results.

If the next administration does not take proactive measures along these lines, these very same results will be produced in the worst forms: extremely high unemployment, massive budget deficits, a rapidly slowing international trade environment, and, ultimately, the default of the American government on its obligations.

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