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Inquiring minds want to know…

Question: If the credit crisis threatens businesses in the real economy, why doesn’t Washington simply take the $700 billion and open a direct lending facility for non-financial businesses?

Question: IF this bailout is so good for the ordinary working families, why does it take $150 billion more in pork to sell it in the Senate?

Question: WHO is getting bailed out here? Wall Street or Washington?

Question: Why have Washington’s leading advocates of deregulation suddenly changed their tone?

Question: Why can’t the candidates of the Party of Washington and Wall Street provide an answer to the question, “How will this bailout affect your compaign promises?”

Question: What negative effects did the previous interventions by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department have on worsening the problem?

Question: How does anyone trust the pronouncements of an administration who ignored the warning leading to September 11, 2001; entered the White House with a plan to invade Iraq, and then lied about the facts in the case; stood by and watched New Orleans disappear;  foisted the Patriot Act fully written on a fearful public within days of 9-11; refuses Congressional oversight; tortures and detains individuals in violation of the Geneva Convention and Habeus Corpus; packed the Justice Department with its minions; and, has shockingly violated every expectation of the rule of law for the past eight years?

Question: How does anyone trust a Congressional majority party which has let all of the above go on for two years and still has been unable to gather the nerve to impeach and remove that administration?

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