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What just happened…

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The world has yet to comprehend the significance of the events that unfolded today in Washington as a section of the Washington elite broke off from the Party of Washington, and the Party of Wall Street, and deserted to the side of working people.

We have just lived through the opening salvos of the first authentic revolution of the 21st Century.

It was indeed an odd mixture of political forces, representing the extreme right wing of the Republican Party, and the extreme left of the Democratic Party. One observer said it was as if the political spectrum bent back on itself, closing the gulf between the polar extremes of political life.

We, however, have been considering just this likelihood for about a year: that the rigid ideological strains of libertarian thought and the faded confused strains of 19th Century socialist thought had a natural affinity for each the other in their deep suspicion and hatred of the Washington establishment.

On the surface there is nothing of the two in common – the first, with its fetish for property, the second with it fetish for state management of economic life, appear as nothing if not completely incompatible.

Yet, in the era of the rule of the Moron, both have instinctively engaged in a common action opposing the lies, malfeasance, and war crimes of the Washington-Wall Street axis – especially as it has come to be expressed in this evil war – despite the gulf between them.

Clearly, such a common rejection as exploded in Congress today could not have happened without the utter lack of confidence of working Americans in the handling of this despicable adventure in Iraq by the Moron and Congress.

Moreover, these events would not have happened absent the complete rejection of Washington and Wall Street boiling up from Main Street, borne of the cruel tortures imposed on the latter in peace and in war and expressed in such daily indignities as simple as removing ones shoes to enter an airport, and as grave as burying loved ones under Defense Department imposed press blackouts.

The constant and insufferable invasion, humiliation, and harrassment of private individuals, combined with shameless military incompetence, profiteering and avarice in Iraq – both public and private – and topped by the administrative incompetence of Washington officials in the face of the destruction of the Gulf Coast, while the Moron partied with John McCain in Arizona, were dried tender set ablaze by the audacity of an president so without any sense of empathy as to ask the very individuals who had lost most under his rule to provide charity to those who had gorged themselves on his watch at public expense.

To ask the debtor to bail out his creditor – the perversity, the unvarnished gall, the very insanity implied by such a request is unequaled in modern political-economic history!!! It is, unquestioned, a breathtaking example of the sheer magnitude of the madness which has gripped Washington, and all who occupy it!

To be continued.

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