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First, they will take your home…

September 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Barack Obama, the candidate for president of the Party of Washington, and John McCain, the candidate for president of the Party of Wall Street, would like you to spend this morning, and each of the next 50 or so, trying to decide which of them represents change, which of them have the combination of judgment, experience and character to lead this nation for the next four years.


Because while you are debating why a 72 year old cancer survivor would pick some trailer trash from the frozen wasteland of the Arctic Circle, so little traveled and so unread she only last year thought enough of the rest of the world to get a passport; who believes public policy issues can be contemplated while speaking in tongues and writhing on the floor in fits of religious ecstasy; who questions the whole of science on the issue of climate change, based on her familiarity with scripture; who prays and asks us to pray the deaths of 1 million Arabs in that horrific war reflects the will of God, you will not be asking questions of of such significance to you and your family as, “What will we do when we are homeless?”

Is Barack Obama playing the race card from the bottom of the deck? Did he call Govenor Palin as pig? Will Joe Biden get off his knees servicing lobbyists from MNBA long enough to break tie votes in the Senate? Will John McCain talk about why the Vietnamese beat the shit out of him for all those years? (Hint: It had to do with the fact he was indiscriminately slaughtering them from the cockpit of that fancy jet they shot down.)

Most of all, will Sarah Palin let African Americans seeking refuge in the last days into Alaska before the Rapture?

You see, because if you are debating those question, you won’t have time between now and November 4, to ask the candidates why they intend to take your home to pay off the national debt to the biggest banks, hedge funds and international investors.

Actually, we exaggerate – you will be able to keep your home.

They just want the equity.

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