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The most dangerous animal on earth: a white guy with a necktie

July 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Just as the Moron readies to depart, two former Secretaries of State propose to reduce his powers to wage war.

And, it only took 1.2 million dead in Iraq and Afghanistan to provoke them to work up their courage and statesmanship.

The problem here, as any discerning student of history will note, any resolution by Congress on this issue is a dead letter, since, no matter who is elected, the next President will still have 1.5 million service-members under arms, in five different services, stationed throughout the United States and its territories, and in at least 7 different countries, and, including 13 aircraft carriers, with 2 more in construction, and 2 more planned, 18 Ohio class nuclear ballistic missile submarines, and the considerable offensive nuclear capability to lay waste to most of mankind.

As Commander-in-Chief, the President is the exclusive elected branch given the authority to decide how, and to what end, these forces will be deployed, short of a declaration of war.

Nothing Congress enacts into law can limit his control of these forces, save dismantling them.

Having delivered the machinery of empire into the hands of the Presidency, Congress has found its own power to be the first casualty – it can, and must, be ignored; treated as a noisome, chattering mob, and dismissed.

Offered – and this is of more than passing astonishment – a seat as mere advisers to the Presidency.

In short, the Secretaries are full of shit.