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So long Tim…

It was a sad day over at NBC, and across all of the major news department.

And, while I do feel sympathy for Tim Russert’s family, suffering such a devastating loss on father’s day weekend, I didn’t know him personally, and experienced the entire episode as I might have experienced the untimely death of any celebrity.

Which is to say, I am a news junkie, and, spent yesterday mostly irritated by the lack of real news.

However, on Sunday, I tuned in to the talking heads and sat there marveling at this close-knit family of Washington commenterati – all friends of Tim – as they reflected on his life.

I, being a cynical bastard, reflected on how much he had in common with them.

Below, clockwise from top left:

Victoria Clark, former Defense Department spokesperson.

Chris Matthews, former Carter Administration staffer, and staffer for former House Speaker, Tip O’neil.

Andrea Mitchel, wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary in the Clinton Administration.

Tim Russert, former staffer for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

George Stephanopoulos, former spokesman for President William Clinton.

And, you wonder why the media are incapable of blowing the whistle on Washington?

They are Washington.

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