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“We’re all in this together…” (And, other such nonsense)

We need to deliver on the big issues like providing affordable health care for everyone. We must massively redirect resources into alternative sources of energy and end our bondage to the oil companies. Like Roosevelt we have to rebuild the public economic and transportation infrastructure that the Republicans have allowed to crumble. We need to reintroduce fairness into the tax code and reform labor laws so that workers can once again organize to defend middle-class incomes. And of course we have to end the War in Iraq and re-establish a foreign policy that can really make us safer by creating a peaceful, prosperous world. Huffington Post

Just when you thought this was an election about change, it becomes clear the supporters of the Democratic Party’s government-in-waiting have other plans.

Sure, it is possible the Moron’s endless war, which has, so far, taken 1.2 million American and Iraqis lives (No, you read that right: 1,200,000 lives, not 4000) could be brought to some sort of messy end by Barack Obama, but we still have to ask after that what’s next?

Well, one of the Bobs over at the Huffington Post has a great idea: Once, progressives get hold of the machinery of government – with its Treasury Department printing presses, and it unchallengeable power to tax the population into poverty – they should go on a spending spree, the likes of which has not been seen since – what?…oh yeah – since the Moron decided to splurge 2.3 trillion dollars killing Afghanis and Iraqis, and another trillion in a big fat tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent of taxpayers.

Whenever a spin doctor announces, “we’re all in this together,” he or she is clearly banking on you ignoring the history of this republic over the last sixty years.

He or she is appealing to your group self, not to you in your actual circumstances; not to your mortgage, which must be paid each month; your table, which must be set with food for your chilldren each evening; your credit card bills, which accumulate in your mailbox each day.

In short, he or she is not concerned with anything that makes you an individual, with individual concerns, and individual purpose.

His or her only concern is your abstract self, Alienated Self, the self you give over to him or her, not out of some noble sense of civic duty, but as a slave incapable of establishing independent of government the basic conditions necessary for your survival – and, not directly, but because you are a slave – hired by the day, week, or year – owning, in every sense of the word, yourself, but compelled to sell everything important to you as a human being to some fatcat who just needs a little bit more to add to his billions. (Hey, its hard work staying on the Forbes’ billionaire list.)

Certainly, we need health care, lower oil prices, and, decent roads and bridges. We also need labor laws that improve working conditions and protect income. And, we definitely need a foreign policy that creates a peaceful, prosperous world.

The question to you is simple: why does this take 32 percent of annual GDP – 32 percent (directly and indirectly) of your income?

What company management would be able to argue to their shareholders that management costs of more than 30 percent is normal? Necessary. Even something to brag about.

We are going to return to this issue.

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