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Enemy of The People

This is a blog dedicated to the critique of the most important category of democratic thought: The People.

The People, as a category, places wisdom in the Great Masses (in pseudo-Marxian thought; The American People, in conventional American political discourse.) We will continue in our effort to show this wisdom to be deeply and fatally flawed; and the category itself a subject lending itself to thorough-going critical analysis.

How does this differ from previous approaches?

We make no excuses for The People. We do not accept the Chomsky argument of manufactured consent – a variant of populist and progressive critiques, which seeks to explain the outcome of the political process as some sort of conspiracy by, and, on behalf of, “the rich,” or, in pseudo-Marxian analysis, “the ruling class.”

“No,” we state, The People are not children whose behavior can be excused or explained by some sort of immaturity of a class of individuals newly possessing power, in the face of propaganda by a more or less hidden minority of oligarchs through their intellectual lapdogs.

By doing this we are forced to engage in the critique of the category, The People, itself, and to expose it for what it is: a lie, a figment of political idealism lacking real substance. Democratic political thought has always stood in awe of this category, and has, therefore, never been able to penetrate the superficial appearance of a mass of voters free to act politically solely in accordance with their interests, yet effecting this political act with the most vicious, ugly, and disgusting results.

The Free Democratic State, we will show, is nothing more than that state in which each individual (and, thus, all individual taken together) is (are) free to seek to impose their prejudices, delusions, and, real or imagined divisions on society as the freely arrived at state of society.

For this reason alone, our previous blog, The Alienated Self, was worthy of reading, however few people ever read it.

We begin again from there.

Holy of Holies

As a category, The People, is impervious to criticism; the Holy of Holies; the Grail. It is not until this category is brought to earth to live among us mortals, stripped of its religious characteristics, that it becomes clear The People does not refer to any given real living breathing group of individuals but the abstraction from real living breathing people.

Thus, the term, “The American People,” loses all the characteristics of the actual group of individuals living within the confines of, and citizens of, the United States.

The latter individuals, if anything, are, for instance, racists; unrepentant racists.

The kind of racists who could exterminate the population of native occupants of that territory, and then make movies which blame the victims of the extermination for the crimes committed against them.

The kind of individuals who could dismember the neighboring nation of Mexico, and then attack and excoriate the descendants of that nation for sneaking across the border, even as they hired them to pick tomatoes.

Indeed, they are the kind of individuals who could denude West Africa of it population, transport them in chains to this shore, rape and breed them like prize cattle, work them to the point of death, lynch them, inter them in peonage for generations, marginalize them as 3/5 human and 2/5 mule, deliberately perform scientific observation of them as they died of treatable diseases, shoot them down like dogs with impunity on the streets of New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, lock them in prisons on manufactured cause, release them to spread the silent death of HIV among their population, brand them ineducable, shiftless, lazy.

And, then ask them why they have a fucking attitude.

But, we digress, do we not?

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