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Gasoline on the fire…

“Motorists can expect gasoline prices around $4 gallon through next year, the Energy Department said Wednesday, with oil prices staying well above $100 a barrel.”

Gas prices got you down?

Want to blame BIG OIL?

Want to slap Exxon-Mobil back to $10 a barrel oil?

We have a word for you: government.

As in: your government.

As in: your government caused the present rise in prices.

As in: Your government caused the rise in the price of oil when it decided to bail out investment banks from all the silly derivatives linked to the mortgage crisis.

To bail them out, your government used the tried and true method of printing money and handing it over to banks. But, unlike you, global currency traders knew this would simply debase the existing stock of dollars circulating in financial markets. So they began betting against the dollar. As the dollar dropped, the price of oil rose. (Everyone buys their oil with dollars.)

And, you now get the chance to pay it off at the pump.

You see, inflation is a tax. It is a tax that doesn’t take money out of your pocket; it simply makes those dollars buy less of things like – gas. It is a hidden tax, designed to fool you as to how your own government is again enlarging itself at your expense.

Memo from the new owners of Bear Stearns:

“Thanks for your support – suckers.”

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